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History of OMVIC

OMVIC was set up in 1997 to administer the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2002 (MVDA) on behalf of the Ontario government through the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MCS). Its authority for day-to-day administration comes from the Safety & Consumer Statutes Administration Act.

The Safety & Consumer Statutes Administration Act (Bill 54) was proclaimed on July 22, 1996. This Act, as provided for in Bill 54, created "administrative authorities" – non-profit corporations independent of both industry associations and government – which deliver services and programs for different industries regulated by MCS.

Motor vehicle dealers and salespeople, governed by the MVDA, are the first of the four industries to have an administrative authority in place, along with a signed administrative agreement , thus becoming the first among them to move to self-management.

As a part of Phase I, the administrative agreement and the transition agreement were signed on January 6, 1997, opening the way to a seamless transfer process.

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