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Industry Regulations

The motor vehicle dealer industry in Ontario operates under the umbrella of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA). The administration and enforcement of the MVDA and its regulations is the direct responsibility of OMVIC.

Individuals and businesses buying and selling vehicles for a living must adhere to the principles of the Act. Otherwise, OMVIC has the authority to impose disciplinary and legal action upon them.

Motor Vehicle Dealers Act

In Ontario anyone who wishes to engage in the trade of motor vehicles is required to register under the MVDA. The MVDA sets out criteria for registration, and also sets out some of the requirements which must be fulfilled by those engaging in the business of buying and selling vehicles. OMVIC administers the MVDA on behalf of the Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

Code of Ethics

One of the basic requirements of the MVDA is that registrants conduct business in accordance with the law, with honesty and integrity, and in a financially responsible manner. For more details, refer to the Standards of Business Practice.

Other Statutes and Regulations

Some requirements contemplated by other statutes and regulations:

Note: These acts are administered by government agencies like the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and the Ministry of Transportation. OMVIC has the authority to invoke these Acts exclusively on industry-related cases and under certain conditions only.


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