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As is required by the agreement with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD) and as part of efforts to indicate that OMVIC is maintaining a fair and informed marketplace; public tracking and regular reporting of ongoing progress for Consumer Awareness Performance Measures is as follows:

Performance Measure Target 2021
Consumer Protection

% of dealers inspected with no further administrative action required Improve benchmark level of 50% -
Maintain or improve customer satisfaction ratings for OMVIC’s complaint handling process which measures knowledge, efficiency and courtesy Maintain or improve benchmark of 3.5 out of 5

Knowledge: 4.6/5

Efficiency: 4.7/5

Courtesy: 4.8/5
Performance Measure Level of consumer awareness 2021 actuals (%)
Consumer awareness of OMVIC 29%
When an Ontario-registered car dealer advertises the price of a car, they must show an all-in price including all the fees and charges the dealer intends to collect, except for HST and licensing. 40%
In Ontario there is no legally mandated cooling off period during which a purchaser may cancel their contract to buy a car from a dealer. 17%
The term ‘curbsider’ means an illegal unlicensed car dealer who poses as a private seller. 23%
When purchasing a vehicle in Ontario from a registered dealer, you have access to protections that are absent in a private sale. 41%
Motor vehicle dealers and salespeople in Ontario must be registered with OMVIC in order to operate. 28%
If you suffer a financial loss as a result of buying a car from an OMVIC-registered dealer, you may be eligible for compensation from the Motor Vehicle Compensation Fund administered by OMVIC. 16%
Ontario motor vehicle dealers are not required to reveal the lowest interest rate available to you when financing a car 18%
Ontario motor vehicle dealers must disclose on the contract a vehicle’s accident if the damage is over $3,000.00. 36%

Consumer awareness of OMVIC and their car-buying rights is currently low in Ontario. Our annual marketing plan will focus on raising awareness of OMVIC and the car-buying rights listed in the table above.

Please see the complete results of our annual consumer awareness.