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Relationship with Government

OMVIC administers the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2002 (MVDA) on behalf of the Ontario Government through the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).

MGCS is responsible for any legislative changes to the MVDA, setting marketplace standards and for overseeing consumer protection policy. The delivery of delegated services and programs is the responsibility of OMVIC. MGCS monitors the performance of OMVIC to ensure that marketplace standards are maintained through accountability mechanisms such as business plans, annual reports and third-party audits.

To view OMVIC’s Performance Measures, click here.

Administrative Agreement

The Administrative Agreement between MGCS and OMVIC sets out the matters of the MVDA that the Ontario Government has delegated to OMVIC.

Access the Administrative Agreement here.

Administrative Authorities

Ontario's Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act established delegated administrative authorities for regulated business sectors. These administrative bodies are responsible for the delivery of programs and services to these industries and their consumers, services formerly regulated by MGCS.

Several administrative authorities exist: