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Avoid curbsiders

Watch the Creepometer video and learn how to spot the telltale signs of a curbsider:

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Check out OMVIC's newest video and learn how to avoid Curbsiders!

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Avoid Curbsiders

What is a Curbsider?

Curbsiders are illegal, unlicensed vehicle dealers. They often pose as private sellers, though some operate from small automotive businesses (repair shops, rental companies, etc.).

Curbsiders not only misrepresent themselves – they often misrepresent the vehicles they sell: many are previous write-offs with undisclosed accident repair or are odometer-tampered.

Learn how to spot the telltale signs of a curbsider.

Buying Privately? Buyer Beware!

ONLY when consumers buy from a registered dealer are they protected by OMVIC and consumer protection legislation.

Because curbsiders are not licensed by OMVIC, consumers who buy from them are deemed to have conducted a private transaction and are therefore not protected by Ontario’s consumer protection laws.

What is the Difference between an OMVIC-Registered Dealer and a Curbsider?

OMVIC-Registered Dealer

  • Bound by the regulations of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, OMVIC’s Code of Ethics and other consumer protection legislations
  • Operate visibly in the community with a permanent lot and ownership signs
  • Possess and display OMVIC registration and/or decal
  • Contribute to the Compensation Fund; a consumer protection fund


  • Often misrepresent themselves and the vehicles they sell
  • Not governed/regulated by OMVIC or consumer protection legislation
  • Difficult to track down
  • Often conduct business over mobile phone or Internet
  • Purchase not covered by the Compensation Fund

Turn on your Creepometer – Avoid Curbsiders!

Use the Creepometer to help spot the telltale signs of a curbsider.

Click here to report a curbsider.


Curbsider Convictions


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