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The vast majority of consumer/dealer transactions go well. In those rare instances when problems arise, OMVIC’s Complaints and Inquiries Team provides information and services to help address the situation. These services are provided free of charge to all Ontarians.

About Complaints and Inquiries

OMVIC offers a free complaint handling service to help resolve disputes between consumers and dealers.

Consumers should be aware that OMVIC cannot force a dealer to give money back or offer compensation. OMVIC is not the court and only a court can impose a solution.

Remember: These services are only available when consumers purchase from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer. OMVIC has no jurisdiction over private sales, manufacturers or independent repair facilities.

Have a question related to the purchase of a new or used vehicle?

Consumers can contact OMVIC’s Complaints and Inquiries Team for information, even before purchasing!

Should problems arise after the purchase, OMVIC Complaints and Inquiries Department can provide consumers with information about consumer protection legislation and can assist in determining possible next steps.

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OMVIC’s authority

Two important notes:

OMVIC’s Complaints and Inquiries Department will try to find acceptable solutions to complaints however they do not have the authority to compel or order a dealer to cancel a contract, return money or carry out repairs; only the courts have such authority. In the rare instance that the Complaints and Inquiries Team is unable to find a suitable solution, consumers may need to consider taking civil action.

It is possible a consumer complaint may lead to an investigation and possible charges or administrative action (a discipline hearing or proposal to revoke/suspend registration) against a dealer/salesperson. Information regarding ongoing investigations is never made public. This information is however made public should charges be laid, a discipline decision is issued or a revocation/suspension proposal is issued.