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OMVIC-Registered Dealers: Who They Are and How to Find Them!

Regulated Professionals

All dealers (new and used) and all salespeople are licensed by OMVIC and bound by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and OMVIC's Code of Ethics.


Certified in Automotive Law and Ethics, Designation — C.A.L.E.

In order to be eligible for OMVIC registration, dealers and salespeople undergo background checks and must successfully complete and pass a course in automotive law and ethics. This course teaches and explains the key pieces of legislation governing the retail automotive industry including the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

Having a C.A.L.E. designation helps to improve industry professionalism and maintains a fair and informed marketplace. It also demonstrates to consumers that dealers and salespeople are proven professionals who have met training standards.

Note: Dealers or salespeople who were registered prior to 1999 (when the Certification Course was introduced) have not earned the C.A.L.E. designation unless they have subsequently completed the Course.


Why Buy from a Registered Dealer? Greater Consumer Protection

Consumers who buy from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer have a right to:

Remember: these consumer protections do not apply to private sales.


How to Verify a Dealer or Salesperson Registration

Click here to verify the registration status of any OMVIC-Registered Dealer or salesperson in Ontario. Consumers can also contact OMVIC’s Complaints and Inquiries Department to confirm a dealer’s registration at 1-800-943-6002 x3942.

Ask to see their licence

Dealers and salespeople must also keep their Registration Certificate and are required to show it to anyone who asks to see it.


OMVIC Dealer DecalThe official OMVIC-Registered Dealer decal identifies a motor vehicle dealer who is licensed and regulated by OMVIC. Look for it on dealership doors and windows.