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Car-Buying Seminars

Thinking of buying a car? Do you know your rights? What questions should you ask a dealer or private seller?

Upcoming Webinars

With today’s supply chain issues and the resulting shortage in motor vehicle inventory, car-buyers are faced with challenges when seeking a new car or truck. OMVIC will be hosting a webinar on December 15th at 12pm to assist car-buyers with navigating the car-buying process in Ontario.

This car-buying webinar will cover topics including:

  • All-in pricing and dealership advertisements
  • Dealership disclosure requirements
  • Cancellations, when and if they apply
  • Free educational resources

Consumers who participate will leave with confidence going into their next car purchase.

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Attend a FREE Car-Buying Presentation!

OMVIC offers free Car-Buying Seminars throughout the province to consumer/community groups, first-time buyers, new Canadians and students, as part of its mandate to protect and educate Ontario consumers.

Topics include:

  • OMVIC’s role as the industry regulator
  • Consumer rights and protections (and when they apply);
  • Difference between buying from a dealer and buying privately;
  • How to review dealer advertisements;
  • What dealers must disclose about a vehicle's history and condition;
  • The dangers posed by curbsiders (illegal, unlicensed dealers);
  • What to consider when choosing a vehicle;
  • How to research a vehicle's history;
  • General car-buying tips; and
  • What you can do if you have a problem with a purchase.

If you’re interested in having OMVIC present a seminar within your organization or community, .


Car-Buying Seminars