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Tips for Buying Privately

You’re ONLY protected when you buy from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer, so take extra care when buying privately. Consider the following car-buying tips:

  • Ask questions: how long was vehicle owned? Are there maintenance records? Why are they selling?
  • Ask seller for ID and compare it to vehicle ownership: they must match
  • Take thorough test drive – not just around the block
  • Purchase and review vehicle history report before deciding (CARFAX)
  • Carefully review Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) – seller must provide it (ensure all pages provided)
  • Ensure no liens on vehicle (info usually available on UVIP or CARFAX)
  • Have vehicle inspected by trusted mechanic before purchase
  • If it is a heavy-duty diesel vehicle (weighing more than 4,500 kg) and is at least 1 year old, the vehicle must pass an emissions test when sold or transferred
  • Request a receipt that includes seller's information and actual selling price

If you choose to buy privately, educate yourself; don’t become a curbsider’s victim. Click here to spot the telltale signs of curbsiders.

OMVIC Academy Video-5
Buying from a Private Seller

Roleplaying: the class helps Justin prepare for an appointment with a private seller. Will he remember the right questions to ask?

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