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Vehicle Delivery Tips

There are several important factors to consider when taking delivery of your vehicle:

  • First, don’t be rushed; ensure you have all of your questions/concerns addressed to your satisfaction.
  • Take a thorough walk-around with the salesperson to inspect for any scratches/damages. This should be done in daylight or in a well-lit area.
  • Have the salesperson explain how to operate all systems and features of the vehicle.
  • If you previously had an agreement that repairs would be conducted or options added, ensure these are completed before handing over money or signing-off on the final contract agreement.
  • In some instances a new version of the contract is presented; if this is the case, make sure the terms and prices are the same as the initial agreement.
  • Vehicle Delivery Tips
  • Sometimes when purchasing a vehicle, a consumer will sign a credit application; and then sign the loan agreement at the time of delivery. Ensure the loan agreement has the same terms/interest rate as agreed upon and no additional fees have been added.
  • Ensure you obtain all keys to the vehicle.
  • Have the maintenance and warranty requirements explained to you and ensure you receive a copy of the owner's manual (or made available electronically).
  • Ensure you get copies of ALL paperwork (including contract, loan and warranty documentation, safety and e-test).
  • If the vehicle is pre-owned, ensure there is a spare tire and jack.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with locking lug nuts on the wheels, ensure you get the key.