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The OMVIC Academy All In Price Car Ad

OMVIC Academy

Welcome to the OMVIC Academy---where consumers become confident car buyers

Buying a car? Don’t get schooled…get educated! The OMVIC Academy provides ‘students’ with fun and engaging (and free) resources that will help ensure they understand:

  • Dealer Advertising
  • Vehicle financing and the potential pitfalls of extended-term loans
  • Curbsiders---the illegal, unlicensed dealers who often sell rebuilt wrecks or vehicles with rolled-back odometers
  • The legal protections consumers are granted when purchasing from a registered dealer
  • How to protect themselves when buying a vehicle privately

The videos and car-buying guide are targeted to first-time buyers and new Canadians. OMVIC also encourages high school teachers and driving school instructors to utilize the Academy resources.

Each topic is featured in in a short 2-3-minute video that uses the power of humour to educate as well as entertain.

Inspired by sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, the video series is set at the OMVIC Academy where students Ling, Timmy, Justin and Ellen are guided by the knowledgeable Professor OMVIC, in their drive to becoming “confident car buyers”. Note: each video is also available with French, Punjabi and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

In addition to the videos, the OMVIC Academy provides a free downloadable car-buying guide that provides useful information for car shoppers and includes seven checklists for use before buying, during the buying process and even a checklist designed to ensure the vehicle delivery goes smoothly!

Who is the OMVIC Academy For?

While designed for first-time vehicle buyers and new Canadians who might be unfamiliar with vehicle purchasing in Canada, absolutely anyone planning a vehicle purchase will learn and benefit from the information and lessons the Academy resources provide.

OMVIC Academy Video - 1
All-in Price Advertising
OMVIC Academy Video - 2
Negative Equity
OMVIC Academy Video - 3
The students learn what fees must be included in a dealer’s advertised price. The class holds an intervention and Timmy learns an important lesson about the dangers of long-term loans. Professor OMVIC isn’t acting like himself and gives the students strange advice about buying a car privately. Should they trust him?
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OMVIC Academy Video - 4
Buying from an OMVIC-Registered Dealer
OMVIC Academy Video - 5
Buying from a Private Seller
It’s classmates vs. classmates in a feud to determine who knows the most about buying from a
registered dealer.
Roleplaying: the class helps Justin prepare for an appointment with a private seller. Will he remember the right questions to ask?
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OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide - Student Manual

Begin a journey to becoming a confident car-buyer off right: download the OMVIC Academy car-buying guide. Filled with useful tips, checklists and words of support from the OMVIC Academy cast of characters, this guide is a must for all car buyers.

OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide - Student Manual

And for additional supporting resources on topics covered in the videos and even more consumer protection tips, visit Supporting Resources for Videos

OMVIC Academy Teacher’s Manual

The OMVIC Academy also makes available a teacher’s manual for instructors who want to use the Academy resources in class and help ensure their students are as informed and prepared as possible when it’s time to make what can be, an expensive, confusing, even intimidating, purchase. The OMVIC Academy teacher's manual includes five lesson plans, learning outcomes, questions and additional resources.

Multilingual Translations

To view these videos with French, Simplified Chinese or Punjabi subtitles please click here.