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Certification Course

OMVIC's Certification Course is the first mandatory course for dealers and salespersons in Ontario. It was developed as part of a collaborative effort between OMVIC and the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC) at Georgian College in Barrie.

After passing the Certification Course individuals have up to two years to apply for registration with OMVIC (this time period could be shortened if the course content changes). Individuals who wait longer than two years to seek registration will be required to retake the course.

Completing the Automotive Certification Course

Students can complete the OMVIC Certification Course in one of two ways:

Course content includes the following:

OMVIC encourages applicants to visit ABSC’s website. In addition to the Certification Course, Georgian College offers a variety of other courses useful to those working in the industry.

Download the course materials now:

OMVIC Registration is not included with the Certification Course

Enrolment in the Automotive Certification Course does NOT automatically register students with OMVIC. Each student must submit a separate application to OMVIC for registration as a dealer or a salesperson. OMVIC must receive confirmation a student has passed the test before giving final approval to an application. This applies whether the application was for a dealer or salesperson.

Background to the Automotive Certification Course

On November 15, 1999, a mandatory Certification Course for new dealers and salespersons in Ontario was implemented. The course is the result of a collaborative effort between the OMVIC and Georgian College's Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC). OMVIC’s Automotive Certification Course was the first mandatory course for dealers and salespeople in Canada.

What is the Certification Course?

OMVIC's Certification Course is the first mandatory course for dealers and salespersons in Canada. The course is a clear demonstration of this industry's commitment to increasing the professionalism and accountability of its members.

Who is required to take the Course?

The following individuals must register and successfully complete the course:

  • All new applicants for registration as a salesperson under the MVDA
    • New salespersons for currently registered dealers must enroll and complete the Certification Course before their applications can be approved
  • The following persons associated with any new application for registration as a dealer:
    • Person in charge of day-to day operations
    • Officers ( president, vice-president, secretary treasurer)
    • Partners and sole proprietors, unless currently grandfathered
  • Any grandfathered salesperson who changes type of registration (salesperson to dealer in a capacity listed in the previous point unless previously engaged in a similar capacity)
  • All grandfathered registrants seeking re-registration after 24 months of inactivity of their OMVIC registration
  • All persons who have passed the course and are seeking re-registration after 24 months of inactivity of their OMVIC registration
  • Registrants who are required to do so through terms and conditions of registration imposed by the Licence Appeal Tribunal, a Discipline Panel or as agreed upon with the Registrar
  • All new officers, partners and persons in charge of day-to-day operations of existing registrants where the individuals were not previously grandfathered as a dealer

Professional Designation

Registered dealers and salespersons that successfully pass the Automotive Certification Course are entitled to use the designation “C.A.L.E. – Certified in Automotive Law and Ethics.” Using the C.A.L.E. designation builds trust, strengthens credibility and demonstrates to consumers that dealers and salespeople are proven professionals who have met OMVIC and Georgian College training standards.

Already OMVIC-Certified with a designation of (C.A.L.E.) Certified in Automobile Laws and Ethics?

The C.A.L.E. logo can be used by those who have earned the designation on business cards and in other literature.

For more information, contact Georgian College at 705-722-1513 or 1-877-722-1513 or email