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Certification Test

About the Automotive Certification Test

  • All questions on the Automotive Certification Test are in multiple-choice format only.
  • There are 60 questions and students have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Students are required to achieve a minimum 60 per cent on the test.

What is the process of certification?

New Online Self-Study

  • A self-study manual, along with a list of testing locations, is couriered upon registration.
  • In addition to the self-study manual, students will be provided with a link to access the OMVIC Automotive Certification Course online
  • The online resource includes interactive quizzes, online videos, and student resource (no login is required)
  • Students must register in order to write the test
  • Note: only the student manual is permitted while writing the OMVIC Automotive Certification test. No electronic devices (including online resources) are allowed in the testing room

Self-Study Correspondence Course

  • Complete Georgian College's Part-time Student Registration form for the Automotive Certification Course.
    • Ensure your name is entered exactly as it appears on your photo ID (driver's licence, health card or passport).
  • Submit the enrollment form to Georgian College by fax or mail.
    • Georgian College 1 Georgian Drive, Room H130 Barrie, ON L4M 3X9
    • Fax 1-705-722-1524
  • Payment of the $275 (for self- study) tuition fee is accepted by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • The ABSC will send you confirmation of your enrollment by the next business day, including your student number, the course material, instructions and a listing of test centres throughout Ontario.
  • Complete correspondence studies and prepare to write the test.
  • Book a testing appointment at a test centre.
  • Testing centre will send the completed tests to Georgian College for evaluation.
  • Students will receive their test scores via email, three business days after writing their test.
    • If you do not achieve the required mark, you must register again and take the course over.
  • Test results will also be sent to OMVIC.

On-Site (Classroom) Course

  • Contact the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA) to register for an on-site course
    • 1-800-268-2598.
  • The course material will be sent directly from the Automotive Business School of Canada.
  • Attend the full day classroom course.
  • You will then write the test in the classroom as part of the course.
  • Georgian College will administer the test and evaluate the test.
  • If you do not achieve the required mark, you must register again and take the course over.
  • Test results will also be sent to OMVIC.

Test Day Checklist

On the day of the test, students should take the following:

  • OMVIC Automotive Certification Course manual.
  • One piece of photo identification (such as driver’s licence, passport or health card).
  • One other piece of identification.