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Discipline and Appeals Committee Schedule

OMVIC’s discipline hearings are open to the public except where a Panel is of the opinion that it may be closed under the Act and the Statutory Powers and Procedures Act.

Space is limited and observers will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

Observers are encouraged to contact and book their attendance. We request members of the media contact if they are reporting on a hearing. At the hearing panel’s discretion, use of an audio recorder is permitted for note-taking purposes only. Rebroadcast of a hearing is strictly prohibited.

Information with respect to scheduled matters are updated when it becomes available. Changes may occur and hearings may be rescheduled or cancelled on short notice.

Kindly see the schedule below for all upcoming discipline hearings.

Until further notice, any hearing that has been scheduled will be heard by teleconference of videoconference.

For further details about a particular hearing, including confirmation that it is proceeding on the date scheduled, kindly contact You will be provided a call-in number or zoom link if you would like to attend.