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Invitation to Applicants for Appointment to OMVIC's Discipline and Appeals Committees

The Discipline and Appeals Committees of OMVIC (the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) is seeking applicants for appointment to the two committees. This is an excellent opportunity for dealers to apply their industry knowledge and experience.

Please note: At this time, we are only seeking applicants who are Directors, Dealer Principals or Officers of franchised dealerships.

Purpose of the Committees

The Discipline Committee is established in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (2002) (the “MVDA”) subsection 17 (1) to hear and determine issues concerning whether registrants have failed to comply with the Code of Ethics.

The Appeals Committee is established to consider appeals from the Discipline Committee, in accordance with the MVDA , subsection 17 (2).

These Committees act independently of OMVIC to adjudicate issues that are brough before it by OMVIC’s Registrar.


This is a part-time, as needed position that provides compensation on a per day basis. Reasonable expenses are paid/refunded. OMVIC will provide free training to allow successful candidates to perform their role as a Committee member.


Interested applicants who wish to serve as members of OMVIC’s Discipline and Appeals Committees should have experience as a director, dealer principal or officer of a franchise dealership, as well as the following:

  • Have knowledge of the MVDA and its regulations (including the Code of Ethics)
  • Be a person of good character, honesty, and financial responsibility
  • Possess superior analytical, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Have the ability to remain impartial and unbiased throughout discipline proceedings
  • Be committed to maintaining fair and transparent processes
  • Have not previously been disciplined under the Code of Ethics or convicted of an industry related offence
  • Have been registered under the MVDA for at least two years prior to the appointment to the Discipline or Appeals Committee
  • Promote consumer protection and industry professionalism
  • Be willing to fully co-operative with an inspection of his or her business premises and/or books and records, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the MVDA and the regulations.

Successful candidates will preside over hearings regarding complaints made under the Code of Ethics and make decisions as to what sanctions, if any, are appropriate. Successful candidates will also be asked to preside over pre-hearings, where they will actively participate in engaging the parties with a focus on fostering dialogue and settlement discussions.

To Apply

  1. Click on the button below to apply:

  2. Applicants will be contacted to advance to the next stage, which will involve a virtual interview and reference check. OMIVC will only contact applications selected for the next stage.
  3. All applicants will be subject to a background check and a dealership inspection.

For more information about OMVIC’s Discipline Process, visit Discipline Process web page

A complete package must be returned to OMVIC by 5:00 p.m. on August 22, 2022