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Penalties and Summary

Dealers are responsible for the content of their ads. Should OMVIC believe a dealer’s ad to be false, misleading or deceptive, it can order the dealer to cease the use of the material, and/or order the dealer to issue a retraction or correction.

The MVDA requires dealer ads to include the dealer’s registered name and phone number (unless there are legitimate time/space constraints), accurately disclose an

advertised vehicle’s history (such as taxi, limo or emergency services use), status as used (if applicable), and availability (if price is given in the ad).

If a dealer’s ad provides a price for a vehicle, that price must include freight and inspection charges, administration fees, other fees, levies and taxes.

HST may be left out of the advertised price so long as the ad states in a clear, comprehensible and prominent manner that HST is not included in the price.

Penalties - Dealers found in breach of the advertising regulations may faces charges, a discipline hearing, and/or proposal to revoke registration; they may also be required to submit all advertising to the Registrar for pre-approval for a period of up to two years!