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Salesperson Social Media

Social Media Best Practice

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“Are sales staff allowed to advertise inventory on their person social media channels?”

YES. But be aware.

Dealers are responsible for ANY advertisement placed by, OR ON BEHALF OF, the dealer, including those posted by sales staff. These advertisements must comply with the MVDA, Code of Ethics, Standards of Business Practice and Consumer Protection Act. And remember, ALL ads must include the dealer’s registered name and phone number.

The Best Practice

If a dealer’s sales staff utilize their own personal social media channels to advertise inventory, OMVIC recommends that dealerships:

  • Develop a social media/advertising policy for staff to ensure all advertising meets the dealer’s standards and complies with the applicable regulations
  • Have all posts approved by a manager prior to publication/posting
  • Ensure salespeople and managers are fully aware of all advertising regulations, implement continuing education for staff, use OMVIC’s educational resources and schedule an advertising webinar/seminar with OMVIC’s education staff.

Dealers can submit advertisements for a free review to OMVIC’s Dealer Support team at:

OMVIC is here to help:

Advertising Review Service

Dealers with advertising questions, or who want to have advertisements reviewed before publishing, can contact OMVIC’s Dealer Support Team at:

Note: This is a free service. Please allow 24-48 hours for a review.

Education for Dealers

OMVIC provides free educational webinars. To request a seminar/webinar, contact:

Other Questions

For all other inquiries, contact:

  • 1-800-943-6002 x3942