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Stock Numbers

Stock Numbers

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“If the salesperson or individual responsible for advertising doesn’t have the deal jacket, is there another way to ensure important disclosures are made to customers or in advertisements?”

Use stock numbers to your advantage.

The MVDA requires that disclosures be made in writing on the bill of sale. Certain disclosures, such as former daily rentals, must also be disclosed in an advertisement.

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The Best Practice

Using customized stock numbers may help staff quickly identify vehicles that require certain disclosures. Examples of customized stock numbers include:

A stock number with the abbreviation “DR” may alert staff that the vehicle is a former daily rental requiring disclosure on contracts and in advertisements. Example: DR18648

A stock number with the abbreviation “OP” may alert staff that the vehicle was formerly registered in another jurisdiction (out of province) requiring disclosure on contracts. Example: OP18648

*A customized stock number will not suffice as disclosure
on a retail or wholesale contract*

Dealers must ensure sales staff and those responsible for placing advertisements fully understand stock number codes.

OMVIC is here to help:

Advertising Review Service

Dealers with advertising questions, or who want to have advertisements reviewed before publishing, can contact OMVIC’s Dealer Support Team at:

Note: This is a free service. Please allow 24-48 hours for a review.

Education for Dealers

OMVIC provides free educational webinars. To request a seminar/webinar, contact:

Other Questions

For all other inquiries, contact:

  • 1-800-943-6002 x3942