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$3,000 Damage Discussion

Section 42 of Regulation 333/08 requires dealers to disclose, in writing, any damage to a vehicle greater than $3,000; and if the cost of the repair is known, it MUST also be disclosed. Usually this information is available to all dealers in certain vehicle history reports. Dealers should not attempt to circumvent this requirement by relying on vehicle history reports that do not provide this information.

OMVIC strongly suggests dealers comparison shop and educate themselves on the strengths and weaknesses of the various vehicle history products available and utilize a report, or reports, that provides the most comprehensive information.

It should also be noted that obtaining a history report or reports does not replace the importance of a thorough vehicle inspection by a dealer. While OMVIC encourages dealers to provide a copy of the history report(s) to customers, the results of the history report(s) and the inspection MUST be clearly and prominently disclosed in writing on the Bill of Sale.