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Dealer Premises

The place authorized to trade must be separate from a dwelling (this does not apply to a Wholesaler, a Broker, an Outside Ontario Dealer, a Lease Finance Dealer or a Fleet Lessor). Retailers must have a lot (and an office) at their registered address that has been approved by a municipality for the display and sale of motor vehicles.

A home, driveway or curbside cannot be used as a lot.

All dealers must comply with all municipal bylaws and zoning requirements.

Note: It is important that customers are able to find the dealer if problems or questions arise with their vehicles. Furthermore, OMVIC must be able to keep track of its registered dealers in order to regulate the industry. Registration is valid only for the name and location listed on the original application. OMVIC must be notified of any changes in name, location or ownership within five days of the change in order to maintain valid registration.