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Keeping a Garage Register

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) require registered dealers to keep a complete record of each vehicle bought and sold so that the vehicles can be readily identified. This information is to be recorded in a "Garage Register".

While pre-printed Garage Register “books” may no longer be readily available, the MTO has created a printable pdf version of the Garage Register. OMVIC has made this document available for download here*.

*Please note, you would have to download the pdf in order to open and fill it out.  

Keeping the Garage Register Electronically

Dealers can also meet the requirements of the HTA by keeping an electronic Garage Register. This e-document must record the same information under the same headings as the paper-based Garage Register and must be available to OMVIC, police or MTO staff at all times during normal business hours – this obviously requires a properly functioning computer and printer at the dealership.

Note: Because of the sometimes fragile nature of computers and the unfortunate prevalence of viruses and malware, it is imperative dealers storing Garage Registers electronically back up these files on a regular basis.