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MVDA Requirements for Registration of Dealers and Salespeople

Registration with OMVIC is mandatory for all dealers and salespeople in Ontario.

In order to become registered as a dealer or salesperson, each applicant is screened to ensure they meet the requirements of the MVDA. OMVIC conducts a number of background checks on all applicants and each applicant is required to provide Canada-wide background record search results at the time of application. These checks help ensure everyone entering the industry will conduct themselves with honesty and integrity as well as in a financially responsible manner – all of which are requirements of the MVDA.

Completion of the Automotive Certification Course is also a requirement for all new applicants. The minimum fine for acting as an unregistered dealer (curbsider) or for an unregistered salesperson is $2,500.

The MVDA prohibits OMVIC from registering any dealer or salesperson who does not meet the prescribed requirements of the Act. If these “preconditions” are not met, OMVIC’s Registrar cannot process the application, and is not required to issue a proposal to refuse the application. If the Registrar wants to refuse an application for any other reason, the Registrar must give the applicant written notice of a refusal setting out the reasons for the refusal.

Note: To keep registration valid, registrants must conduct business with financial responsibility, honesty and integrity, and in accordance with the law. Failure to do so may result in administrative action or a proposal to revoke registration. Click here for more information on maintaining registration.