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Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT)

Revocation or refusal of registration is not automatic; a proposal must be issued by OMVIC to revoke, refuse, or refuse to renew a registration. The person who receives a proposal to revoke or refuse registration has a right to appeal the decision to an independent quasi-judicial body called the Licence Appeal Tribunal within 15 days of receiving the proposal.

Upon receiving an appeal, the Tribunal will hold a hearing, consider evidence and testimony, and issue a written decision. The Tribunal may either direct the Registrar to revoke the registration or set aside the proposal. Normally a decision is issued one to two months following the hearing.

In some cases, the Tribunal imposes conditions on a registration. For example, a salesperson might have to agree to not be an officer or the controlling mind of a dealer; a dealer might have to agree to comply with arrangements with the appropriate ministry.

Like the courts, the Tribunal is completely independent of OMVIC. If the person who receives the proposal does not appeal, the proposal is carried out.