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Registration and Requirements

Salespeople must be registered with OMVIC before they can enter into any form of discussion or negotiation with a potential buyer, seller or lessee of a vehicle, even if the salesperson is not signing the deal.

Registration is also required for business managers, finance and insurance managers, and persons who purchase vehicles at auction. Anyone who signs a motor vehicle sale or lease agreement on behalf of a dealer must be registered as a salesperson.

An officer or director of a corporate dealership or a partner in a registered partnership must be separately registered as a salesperson in order to sell or lease vehicles on behalf of the dealer. Now, under the MVDA, as long as each dealer provides OMVIC with written consent, a salesperson can be employed by more than one dealer.

If a salesperson leaves a dealer, OMVIC must be notified by the dealer and by the salesperson that employment has been terminated (the dealer must also provide OMVIC with the reason for termination). Similarly, if the salesperson moves to another dealer, OMVIC must be notified of the transfer.

To register, a salesperson must complete an "Individual Application" form. Forms are available from dealers and from OMVIC.