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Registration Services

Please note, our registration department is currently experiencing a high volume of applications, causing a delay in responding to and processing dealer/salesperson applications. Our department is responding to all inquiries and applications in the order they are received.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this high-volume time.

Anyone working as a motor vehicle dealer or salesperson in Ontario, must be registered with OMVIC and abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Ontario's Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA).

Who is required to register?

All Ontario motor vehicle dealers, or salespersons employed by the dealer, must be registered with OMVIC before conducting business.

A motor vehicle dealer is a person or business who trades in motor vehicles, whether for their own account or the account of any other person or business or who holds himself, herself or itself out as trading in motor vehicle.

There are certain exemptions in the Regulations to the MVDA for certain business types. Click here for more details. If you don't qualify for one of the exemptions listed, you must be registered with OMVIC.

A salesperson is any individual who is employed by a motor vehicle dealer to trade in motor vehicles on the dealer’s behalf.

Employ means any kind of employment, appointment, authorization or other arrangement to act on the dealer’s behalf. For example, registration is required for business and finance managers, sales managers, general managers, anyone who signs a motor vehicle sale or lease agreement on behalf of a dealer or anyone who purchases vehicles at auction.

Trade includes buying, selling, leasing, advertising or exchanging an interest in a motor vehicle or negotiating or inducing or attempting to induce the buying, selling, leasing or exchanging of an interest in a motor vehicle, and “trade” when used as a noun has a corresponding meaning.

Become a Registrant

Find out more information on registration requirements to become a Motor Vehicle Dealer or Motor Vehicle Salesperson.

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Registered as a salesperson outside of Ontario? Click here for more information.