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Registration Exemptions

The following types of dealers are exempt from registration with OMVIC. If you think one of these exemptions applies to your business you may wish to consult with legal counsel for advice or view a copy of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act Regulations.

  1. Wholesale auction: Auction having no property interest in the vehicles being sold, where only registered dealers or persons exempt from registration can sell vehicles, and only registered dealers can buy vehicles.
  2. Wrecker: Subject to vehicles being purchased for the purpose of wrecking or dismantling, and in compliance with the Highway Traffic Act by reporting “wreck” status to MTO.
  3. Person selling a vehicle used for family or for a sole proprietorship business.
  4. Selling a power-assisted bicycle equipped with both a pedal and auxiliary motor.
  5. Registered charity: Must be a charity within the meaning of subsection 248(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and acts as such.
  6. Heavy truck dealer: Dealer who trades in vehicles that have a gross weight of more than 21 tons when carrying the maximum permitted load of the vehicle (and its trailer, where applicable).
  7. Bus or commercial vehicle dealer: Dealers who trade in buses or commercial vehicles (as defined in the Highway Traffic Act) provided they are not trading with customers who are individuals acting for personal or family use. Examples of “buses or commercial vehicles” include buses that can carry more than 10 passengers (hearses, ambulances, etc.).
  8. Person selling under a court order as a liquidator, a receiver, a trustee in bankruptcy or the executor (trustee) of an estate.
  9. Car rental agency: Only renting vehicles which they do not own or sell. Vehicles can be rented for a period of no more than 120 consecutive days.
  10. Not-for-profit corporation that provides information to persons to assist with trade: Assist a consumer in making decisions regarding a trade in a motor vehicle, subject to having no property interest in the vehicle; no conflict of interest with a registrant or insurer; disclosing what they receive from any person for providing the assistance; not handling any payments in connection with a trade; and providing annual filings to the Registrar.
  11. Company acquiring vehicles for business use: Company that acquires vehicles for use in the company’s business or for the use of the staff, provided it is not also in the business of trading or repairing vehicles.
  12. Creditors and their agents: Creditors who take lawful possession of a debtor’s motor vehicle and who sell the vehicle to or through a registered dealer, or a person who is in the business of taking lawful possession of a vehicle on behalf of a creditor and selling it to or through a registered dealer.
  13. Insurance company: Trading vehicles in connection with an insurance claim, registering the vehicles in the name of the insurance company, and selling them to or through a registered dealer.
  14. Manufacturer or authorized distributor: Subject to providing a declaration to the Registrar, and trading in vehicles only with dealers in the General Dealer “new and used vehicles” subclass.