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Consumer Line 2017

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  • 7 Car Buying Tips for Newbies…by a Newbie
  • Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Your ID
  • Season’s Greetings

  • OMVIC: The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
  • Trade-in Gone Wrong – Comp Fund Makes it Right!
  • The “Exceptions” to All-in Pricing: When Dealers Can Add Fees

  • Steer Clear of Flood-Damaged Vehicles
  • Trade-In Tips
  • Buying a Rental Car? What You Need to Know

  • Financing – Considerations, Questions and Tips When Arranging Financing
  • The Risky Business of Extended-Term Loans
  • Vehicle Delivery Tips and Considerations

  • Don’t Lien on Me
  • North Bay dealer suspended for not removing liens on vehicles
  • Ottawa-area man fined $40,000 for illegally selling rebuilt wrecks, many without airbags

  • RV There Yet?!? Buying a camping trailer, motorhome, boat or ATV? Know your rights!
  • About OMVIC’s Complaints Process
  • Buying a Car in Ontario? Use This “How-to Roadmap” to Navigate the Sales Process!

  • Consumer Protection Notice: Sault Ste. Marie Motor Vehicle Dealer Suspended
  • All-in Price Advertising – It’s Your Right! OMVIC Launches Consumer Awareness Campaign To Protect Car-Buyers
  • FREE Car-Buying Seminars Available, Book One Today

  • 5 tips to avoid falling victim to a curbsider
  • What’s new with Drive Clean?
  • Whether buying a trip, or a car- you have a right to transparency in advertising

  • Repeat Offender Sentenced to 50 Days Behind Bars for Illegal Vehicle Sales
  • Last Chance to See the 2017 Canadian International AutoShow!
  • OMVIC Offers Free Multilingual Translation Service!

  • Manufacturer Advertisements vs. Dealer Advertisements – The Rules Are Different!
  • 5 Tips for Buying a Car Privately
  • An Educated Consumer Is A Protected Consumer – So OMVIC Offers FREE Car-Buying Seminars