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Consumer Line 2019

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  • Avoiding Online Car-Buying Scams
  • Finding Deals in the Dead of Winter
  • Test Your Car-Buying Knowledge!

  • Returning Your Black Friday Deal
  • Protect Yourself from Odometer Fraud
  • Negative Equity
  • Brand Awareness

  • Homework for Car Buyers
  • Orillia Dealer Suspended
  • New Resources for Teachers at the OMVIC Academy
  • This Halloween, Avoid Curbsiders

  • Don’t get ‘Liened’ On
  • Protect Yourself from Unfair Business Practices
  • Meet OMVIC’s New Director of Investigations
  • 7 Tips for Taking Delivery of a Vehicle

  • Including Conditions on a Contract
  • Windsor Auto Repair Shop Owner Fined $50,000 for Curbsiding
  • What Consumers Can Learn from OMVIC's Mystery Shoppers
  • The Pros and Cons of Buying a Rental Car

  • The OMVIC Quiz
  • Buying a Motorcycle in Ontario
  • How to Check if the Dealer is Legit
  • What to do Before Filing a Complaint

  • The OMVIC Academy Car-Buying Guide
  • OMVIC’s Free Consumer Seminars
  • Three Options for Trading in a Vehicle
  • Tips and Considerations for Financing a Vehicle

  • Q & A with OMVIC’s Complaint’s Department
  • 7 Tips for Buying a Vehicle from a Dealer
  • Protect Yourself from Flood-Damaged Cars
  • Contract Cancellation

  • Can Dealers Add Fees to Advertised Prices?
  • Sale of Odometer-Tampered Vehicles Continues
  • When a Deal is Too Good to be True
  • The End of Drive Clean

  • Mississauga Curbsider Jailed for 30 Days
  • 5 Signs You May be Dealing with a Scam Artist
  • Fraud Prevention Month—Beware of Curbsiders
  • Buying a Used Vehicle in Ontario? Get a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection BEFORE You Buy!