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Consumer Line 2021

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  • OMVIC’s new consumer rights campaign aimed at millennials
  • Tips to stay safe when buying a car online
  • The top five things car buyers should expect from the sales experience
  • From the Toronto Star: Here’s what dealers must tell you about a used car’s past
  • From the Toronto Star: Buying a car? Get informed and avoid unnecessary charges
  • From the Toronto Star: Four terms to know before buying a car

  • Protect yourself from vehicle fraud – tips to stay safe
  • Our top three tips before buying your next car
  • From the Toronto Star: Buying a car? Make an informed decision with OMVIC
  • From the Toronto Star: Buying a car privately? Get informed and stay protected
  • From the Toronto Star: Financial protection for Ontario car-buyers

    Financial Literacy for Consumers:
  • The Overview
  • Understanding the icons, lien check and accident damage sections
  • Understanding registration, service records and open recalls sections
  • Understanding the detailed history section

    The Used Vehicle Information Package:
  • Section One: Vehicle Details
  • Sections Two and Three: Ownership and Vehicle History
  • Sections Three and Four: Lien Information and Bill of Sale
  • 5 Things to Remember (Infographic)