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Consumer Line 2011

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  • Identifying a Registered Dealer
  • Importance of OMVIC and Dealing with a Registered Dealer
  • Curbsider: Defined

  • Ontario Consumer Protection Laws
  • Curbsiders: What They Are and How to Report Them
  • Standard Safety Certificate: Defined

  • The Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund
  • Curbsiders May Pose as Private Sellers
  • Dealer Decal: What Does it Mean?
  • Vehicle History Reports: Defined

  • Contract Recession (Cancellation) Rights for Consumers
  • Curbsiders Versus Registered Dealers

  • Resolving Issues with Dealers
  • All-in Price Advertising
  • OMVIC Offers Free Vehicle Buying Seminars
  • The Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund

  • All-in Price Advertising
  • Liens
  • Curbsiders
  • Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP): Defined