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Consumer Line 2013

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  • US Based Scam Again Targets Canadian Car Buyers
  • The Dangers of Being a Monthly Payment Junkie
  • Vacancy for OMVIC’s Compensation Fund Board of Trustees

  • Protect yourself with a pre-purchase mechanical inspection
  • OMVIC launches new websites
  • Curbsider wreaks havoc – one consumers tragic experience

  • Dealer Fined $20,000 for Breaching Code of Ethics
  • Clear, Comprehensible and Prominent: Defined
  • Overview of OMVIC’s Inspectors

  • IBC Database Available to Help Identify Canadian Flood-damaged Vehicles
  • US Report Shows Over 200,000 Flood-damaged Vehicles on US Highways
  • Understanding Ontario’s Branding Program

  • Courts Crack Down on Illegal Vehicle Sellers
  • Free Educational Seminars for Car Buyers
  • Steer Clear of Flood-Damaged Vehicles

  • North America’s Largest Outdoor Auto Show May 31 – June 2, 2013
  • Buying a RV, Trailer, ATV or Boat? Know When You’re Protected!
  • Consignment Information

  • Curbsider Gets Jail Time
  • Dealer fees: Don’t Agree to Pay for Products or Services You Don’t Want
  • OMVIC’s Complaints Team: How We Can Help!

  • Phony US Car Dealer Scam Targets Canadian Car Buyers
  • Beware of Superstorm Sandy Flood-damaged Vehicles
  • Ontario Car Sellers Targeted by On-line "Brokers"