OMVIC’s 2018 Consumer Awareness Campaign is set to launch on August 20th. Building on previous campaigns that raised awareness of all-in price advertising from 19 to 42 per cent, this year’s campaign empowers consumers with a simple strategy that will give them confidence that they are working with a dealer who provides all-in price advertising— taking a picture.

Take a Picture!

OMVIC’s Take a Picture campaign capitalizes on our society’s love of photography and encourages car shoppers to take a picture of the dealer’s advertisement and bring it to the dealer, “because consumers should not be charged more than the advertised price.” The new campaign utilizes TV, radio, social media and online advertising. In addition to English, online ads will appear in French, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian to help inform new Canadians, many of whom are unfamiliar with the laws governing vehicle sales in Ontario.

Woman taking a photo

“This messaging is designed to help empower consumers,” explains John Carmichael, OMVIC CEO and Registrar. “If they have a copy of the advertisement and understand they have a right to all-in pricing, it will help consumers protect themselves should they encounter non-compliant advertising.” This is important and necessary due to some the continuing non-compliance with all-in price advertising regulations by some dealers.



In 2017, 29 of 50 GTA new car dealers tried to add surprise fees to their advertised prices when visited by OMVIC mystery shoppers. “This illegal practice is not only unfair to car-buyers, it gives non-compliant dealers an unfair advantage over those dealers whose advertised prices include all fees and charges and provide transparency to consumers,” stated Carmichael. This is why OMVIC is continuing its efforts to raise consumer awareness of all-in price advertising. And while the campaign is designed to educate—it is also positive—informing consumers that they have protections that will make the buying process enjoyable, with both TV and radio ads ending with the phrase: “Happy car buying Ontario.”

Click here to view OMVIC’s TV commercial; listen to OMVIC’s radio commercial here.

Leverage the Campaign. Build Trust!

OMVIC encourages all dealers to take advantage of this campaign! Let your customers know that they can rely on your dealership’s advertised prices to be all-in, with no hidden fees or added surprise costs.

Dealer Resource

OMVIC recognizes that confusion exists when it comes to all-in price advertising, particularly with regards to manufacturer advertising. To assist, OMVIC has created an information resource that dealers can print and show to a consumer, should a consumer present a picture of a manufacturer’s ad, or have other questions about all-in price advertising. Click here to read.