December 14, 2018 – OMVIC has issued a news release about two alleged curbsiders, warning consumers not to purchase vehicles from Arif Adnan Syed, Hafsa Nasser or Syed’s company, Euro Premium Auto Ltd. Note: Euro Premium is not a registered dealer. OMVIC took the unusual step of releasing this information while its investigation is ongoing due to the risk these sellers pose to the car-buying public.

OMVIC believes the couple allegedly buy high mileage vehicles, many obtained from registered dealers across Ontario, and then, posing as private sellers, offer them for sale on Kijiji. The odometers of many of the vehicles sold have been rolled back by significant amounts — in some cases, 200,000 to 300,000 kilometres.

According to OMVIC CEO and Registrar, John Carmichael, “We believe Syed, Nasser and Euro Premium Auto Ltd. have sold at least 26 cars in 2018, and from the cars lining their driveway, they appear to have more to sell.”

One consumer, as recently as November 30th, responded to a Kijiji Ad for a 2007 Toyota Camry with 166,000 kilometres. Priced at $5,000 the car was allegedly shown to the purchaser by Nasser. The vehicle had been purchased from a dealer by Euro Premium Auto Ltd. only four days earlier, with an odometer reading of 295,807.

In another instance, a young woman allegedly dealt with Syed to purchase a 2006 Honda. The car was advertised as having 165,000 kms. The vehicle had been purchased in May 2018 by Euro Premium Auto Ltd. with an odometer reading of 421,000 kilometres.

Dealers are reminded that it is illegal to sell vehicles to curbsiders and are cautioned not to engage in trade with Syed, Nasser or Euro Premium Auto Ltd.

HafsaNasser Arif Syed is described as male, 36 years of age, brown complexion,
5’6”, stocky build, with short black hair.

Hafsa Nasser is described as female, 23 years of age,
brown complexion, 5’1”, slight build, with long
black hair.





Arif Syed was previously charged and prosecuted by OMVIC for curbsiding — in 2015 he was convicted and fined $5,000. Desi Auto Body and Used Parts Ltd. and 1715130 Ontario Inc. operating as Desi Auto Body, two companies directed by Syed, were also convicted at that time of curbsiding and of committing unfair business practices in contravention of the Consumer Protection Act and were fined $12,500 each.

Dealers who may have information about these alleged curbsiders are encouraged to contact OMVIC at 1-800-943-6002 x3167 (Investigations) or x3942 (Complaints and Inquiries).

Publication of this information is made pursuant to Section 27(2) of the General Regulations of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and is intended to protect the public