Often referred to as Private Sales, VIP Sales, Select Sales, etc., dealers regularly hold special sales events using third-party providers that supply promotion, marketing and sales support. OMVIC is reminding all dealers that any individual who “trades” in motor vehicles, including the staff of a third-party company providing services during a sales event, must be registered with OMVIC to the dealer where they are working.

Trading – and Who Must Be Registered

The MVDA defines “trading” includes buying, selling, leasing, advertising or exchanging an interest in a motor vehicle or negotiating or inducing or attempting to induce the buying, selling, leasing or exchanging of an interest in a motor vehicle. Therefore, any individual making representations related to a vehicle’s:

  • features,
  • performance,
  • price, or,
  • financing/leasing terms,

must be registered with OMVIC as a salesperson attached to the dealer holding the sales event. Additionally, individuals making representations related to aftermarket products, extended warranties, service plans, etc., that would be part of a vehicle purchase, require registration. Note: a “greeter”, whose role is to simply welcome customers, provide refreshments, or introduce customers to a registered salesperson, does not require registration.

Ensure Registration

Using third-party providers to facilitate special sales events is perfectly legal if: the staff of the provider that will engage in trading is properly registered; OR, the staff of the provider does NOT engage in any trading.

Some providers are registered with OMVIC as dealers with registered salespeople they can deploy. But dealers must ensure the provider (or the dealer) registers those salespeople to the dealer for the duration of the sales event. This can be easily completed using OMVIC’s online salesperson transfer portal here.

Remember, dealers hiring a provider to facilitate a special sales event are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the MVDA by ALL staff working at the event.

For More Information

Contact OMVIC’s Registration Team at registration@omvic.on.ca or at 1-800-943-6002 x3941.