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Dealer Standard 2015

  • Season's Greetings
  • Former Dealer Jailed
  • Board Nominations: Wanted a Few Good Men and Women
  • Service Animals: No Pets Allowed?
  • Transaction Fee Increase: Common Questions Answered
  • Nationwide Auto Warranty Corporation Ordered to Reimburse OMVIC Compensation Fund
  • Mystery Shopping investigation Uncovers Problematic Trends
  • As-is Vehicles Still Require Full Disclosure
  • OMVIC News
  • Fee Increase Proposal: Your Feedback
  • Toronto Dealer Loses Licence – Salesperson Fined $12,500
  • Understanding the Discipline Process
  • Webinar Successes
  • Compensation Fund Update
  • Newly Appointed Registrar and Deputy Registrar
  • OMVIC Certification Course: Decide for Yourself or Be Forced…It’s Your Choice
  • Non-disclosures, Altered Documents, Lead to Dealer Revocation
  • A Tale of Two Keys: Toronto Repair Shop Charged with Curbsiding
  • Reminder to Dealers: Ensure Immediate Lien Removal on Trade-ins