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Dealer Standard 2016

  • OMVIC’s 2016 “Road Show” Was a Huge Success
  • 30 Days in Jail for Windsor Curbsider
  • Cornwall Business Denied Re-entry into Industry
  • OMVIC Investigation Results in $7,500 Fine for Curbsider
  • Ottawa Mystery Shopping Results Disappoint
  • From the Discipline Files
  • Problematic Trend: Lien Removals
  • Leverage OMVIC’s Consumer Awareness Campaign
  • Collision Repair Estimates Must Be Disclosed- Appeals Committee
  • Curbsider Convictions
  • Customer-requested Contract Cancellation
  • From the Discipline Files
  • Dealer Seminars and Webinars
  • Compensation Fund Marks 30 Years of Consumer Protection
  • Unfit and As-is Are NOT the Same!
  • From the Discipline Files
  • OMVIC Information Sessions
  • Changes to the Ontario Tire Stewardship Fees
  • AGM News
  • Mystery Shopping Investigation Uncovers Problematic Trends and Areas of Improvement
  • Misleading Advertising Practice
  • Firebomber’s Car Sales License Revoked
  • Longest Jail Sentence for Curbsiding