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OMVIC Blog: Car Buying Tips

8 Tips For Buying A Used Car Privately In Ontario

Aug 26

Written by: OMVIC Communications
Wednesday, August 26, 2015  RssIcon

So you think you’ve found a great deal on a car. The price is right … and mileage isn’t too high. But it’s for sale by a private owner. You know there are some risks involved with a private sale, but do you know how to protect yourself? What happens if you end up with a real lemon … or worse? 


Buying A Used Car Privately Can Be Risky

Keep in mind that there are no "lemon laws" in Ontario and no consumer protection legislation that covers private transactions. According to Terry O’Keefe, OMVIC Director of Communications and Education, “Should a person purchase privately and something goes wrong, that consumer would unfortunately be on their own.”


8 Tips For Buying A Used Car Privately In Ontario         

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